Film Soundtrack Demo - Orchestral Theme - "The Escape"

A girl, running from her fears and doubts about her relationship with the one she loves, her career, her life. She is out running for exercise, but keeps running past her time, through the streets, into a suburb, and into the countryside.

Film Soundtrack Demo - Orchestral Theme - "Wartime"

A man and a woman. He is going off to war soon. They have a moment together. They have been through rough times. But now they have come together as one again. They have a beautiful talk....and then...he must leave. The scene changes as he is with his company. The ominous feeling of the coming battle is more and more present. Then...BANG!...the battle begins...and continues....we are not sure how it ends....but we are praying for the best outcome.



"Made Incorrect"

A Film by Aaron Lindquist                   
A sample reel of an original score I composed





"The Beautiful Game Trailer"

This is a demo trailer that I recently created a musical score for. The style was requested by the producers.




"The Jack Harris Show" 

I performed and was interviewd on this popular regional TV show. 





"The Education Channel - Art Off The Wall" 

A TV special with my original piano music.





"Christmas 2008 A Video Presentaion"

A Video/Slideshow I filmed and scored.Additional music and flute by: Dori Miller and my band "Just The Two Of Us"